As a Hypnotherapist, I help my clients breaking trough destructive habits and behavior by using hypnoses and other techniques.

 I believe that results comes by reaching their own internal resources and my  job is to facilitate the process of accessing those resources.

We will work together to transform the old belief system of the subconscious mind to easily and effortlessly support what they really want.

   By working with me, people can expect at the very least have a relaxing and peaceful experience.


Testimonial -Valentina-

I was struggling with health issues since my early childhood. My health was always very delicate.

I developed a strong allergy that manifested as influenza.
I have seen lots of doctors that promised to find the cure and give me the freedom of enjoying my life fully, without restrictions.

To no avail.
I was recommended Silvia as the expert in the field.

The moment I met her, I felt relief, trust and safe to open up.
She was so incredibly knowledgeable and kind throughout the session.

Silvia helped me delve into my emotions and understand how my allergy was connected to them.
Silvia changed my life, gave me freedom and truly transformed me.

It is fascinating to live without any allergy, feeling perfectly healthy and radiant.
Thank you Silvia!



Testimonial -Kenneth-

“I was struggling with low self -eestem and fear issues since my childhood and after a RTT session with Silvia I finally understood what was the believe I created about my self. Now I feel much better because I created a better believe about my self and that had an imediate impact on my confidence and personal relationships…”



Testimonial -Harald-

“Thank you Silvia for taking your time to listen. I didn’t realise that some events from the past can influence your todays behaviour and feelings. You have opened my eyes with your kindness, quiet voice and guidance through the session. The personalized recording helped me practicing my daily meditation and gave me a way to find quiet moments in the busyness of life. For me this is important and life-changing. Keep on doing this!”



Testimonial -Eline-

“I have experienced Silvia’s sessions and coaching as very valuable, very competent and pleasant. There were still limiting beliefs that kept me away from my goals. By working step by step I have progressed further. More and more insight into what is really important and where I can take control and responsibility, where I feel more and more happy and free. She is spot on! recommend Silvia in a heart beat!”


Herbalife Business and Health coach

Testimonial -Tony Fonderson-

“Silvia is an exceptional RTT specialist. I was having trouble sleeping but after just one session with her, I now sleep peacefully night and wake up refreshed and full of energy. Highly recommended!”

-Tony Fonderson-