What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Source Marisa Peer explaining RTT

How does it work?

Step 1- Investigate

Hypnoses brings you into a deep state of relaxion allowing the acess to the subconcious part of the brain were your deepest memories and feelings are located. By asking the right questions you understand the cause of your current pattern,behaviour and limiting believes.

Step 2- Interrupt

We interrupt these limiting believes by making clear that these were creted by us based on intrepretations we made on past events and that are no longer relevant or interesting in our lifes right now and therefore they can be errased. We then redifine the existing belives so that they no longer have a place in our mind.

Step 3 – Install

Under a hiponotic state your mind is higly receptive to new suggestions therefore you can re-programme yourself with positive and powerfull belives now, creating a new reality. As the mind learns by repetition, it will take between ten days and twenty-one days to let go of an old belief and replace it with a new better one.

What is hypnosis and how it works?